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Organisational Development

How Do You Develop Your Organisation Towards the Highest Efficiency, Quality and Inspiration?

Once the first wild years are over, a team has emerged, constant resources have been developed, the organisation can and must be improved further and further, qualitatively and in terms of efficiency. As a leader, you will get demands for structures and guidelines from your team, donors or investors will check you. For yourself, too, you want to create a consistent structure with which to evaluate progress based on objective values.

How do you create... 

  • ...a strategy?
  • impact model?
  • ...a flexible financial plan?
  • ...a professional fundraising?
  • ...a hardware/software/security management?
  • ...a knowledge management?
  • effective use of a board of directors?
  • ecosystem of partners?
  • ...maximum team motivation?

I am happy to use my background to advise and listen to you, so that you can reflect on ideas, check against and analyse challenges. Just give me a call: 077 420 63 69.

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Kai Pulfer - 20 years experience with web technology, 14 years setting up and running the international environmental organisation Films for the Earth - at your service.

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