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Crash courses

Crash and implement

Crash courses are short, intensive and empowering inputs for founders and their teams to get an overview and get straight into implementation. Perfect for self-taught and dream teams. I prepare with an analysis of your situation, give an overview of the topic and we get right into the implementation via Q&A.

What you can expect is an overview, feedback, clarity and concrete next steps.

Formats: via video conference, on-site, 1:1 or with the core team
Duration:  2 - 6 hours, as desired
Documents:  Still rudimentary, but sessions may be recorded for internal use
Costs: an appropriate exchange will be found


If you're not involved in development aid, animal welfare or projects to protect children, funding a non-profit can be challenging. This crash course gives an overview of the most important aspects and the possibilities of memberships, donations, sponsoring, foundation funding, service offerings and product sales.


When a one-man show turns into an organisation,  many novel challenges come to a leader. This crash course looks at the personal development demands on the leader, work-life balance, structural tools and necessities, and how to inspire a team to perform at its best even without high salaries.


Proper indexing on Google is essential. Any word-of-mouth or communication efforts will fall flat if your project is not found with the usual inaccurate ad hoc search queries. Earlier keyword optimisation techniques are becoming increasingly irrelevant as Google assesses websites with artificial intelligence. Without clear and super-crisp offer presentation, target group definition, usability and technical orientation towards smartphones, nothing works anymore. This crash course offers an initial analysis of the existing, information about the current status and begins the internal reflection processes with which a successful website can be created.


What inspires people to volunteer? What leads to repeated involvement? How do volunteers become long-term supporters and team members?

Further crash courses (automation and digitalisation, communication) are being considered. Please enquire.

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