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So that you make more of a difference

I like to help people who do good have more impact - whether it's to sustain our livelihoods, for education, medicine or more.

Through successfully building and leading an international organisation for 15 years, I've learned the key pillars of developing great causes.


  • Benefit from 20 years of experience in organisational development?
  • Create a modern web presence?
  • Mastering the challenge of digitalisation?
  • Professionalise your impact model?
  • Reaching people with a film?


As a consult I can show you shortcuts, help you avoid one or two mistakes and help you discover useful levers - so that your impact is increased and your challenge reduced. 

I also can take on project management or implementation: from goal setting, to strategy, to implementation and evaluation.

Call for a no-obligation consultation (077 420 63 69) or read on:

Web Digitisation Organisational development Services for Foundations Film and Sustainability


Passionate makers, autodidacts and dream teams appreciate the short and empowering inputs via video call or on-site on topics such as fundraising, leadership, SEO and others.

You can expect overview, clarity and the next concrete steps towards the goal.

Crash and Implement