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From Goal Setting to Strategy, via Design to Implementation and Evaluation

Websites today are viewed on three dozen different devices, automatically translated, read to the blind, navigated via keyboard on the hotel TV, of course groped, shared via social media, printed, rated and analysed and assessed by artificial intelligences. If you want your website to be visited at all, the following things are the most important today:

  • Customer experience: loading time (preferably in the millisecond range)
  • Customer experience: usability
  • Customer experience: relevance of content
  • Links to you
  • Optimising the presentation of the data you provide to Google (Rich Snippets)

This takes some doing. With WIX, Squarespace, Jimdo,  and other website editors and prefabricated all-round templates, this is hardly technically feasible. Likewise, it is a big challenge to align your content with the needs of your customers (and not only with the organisation's self-image). As far as search engine optimisation is concerned, Google has created extensive possibilities to provide structured data for the search index in the background of the website, e.g.:

  • what your brand is
  • who the founder of your project is
  • where the internal search engine is
  • what questions you can best answer for the audience
  • what their services are
  • where you want to be shown like on the Google Map
  • what customers are saying about you 
  • and much more.

Your Tailor-Made Web Presence

I am committed to ensuring that each of my web projects is tailor-made, state of the art and really works for you. 

With CHF 5000-10,000, a smaller organisation can get as many content pages as they want, including multilingualism, blog, team representation, partner representation, an implementable SEO strategy and introductory training. All content, texts, images, videos and search engine data can be changed by you. Analysis tools show you how many visitors do what and when on the website. 

From 10'000 - 25'000 CHF, further individual functionalities can be programmed, e.g. user areas, registration functionalities, management tools for job advertisements, addresses, memberships, etc., which will speed up your work processes.

Digital4Docs: Websites for Medical Practices

Patients search for clinical pictures, symptoms, second opinions, doctors' qualifications and alternative healing methods

They use the extensive Q&A and maps directly on Google to decide which doctor, which therapy to choose and whether or not to trust their recommendation. This is a quick process and only the top 5 websites in the lists have a chance of being visited. Teach Google in the background

  • what medical conditions they treat
  • what their symptoms, risk factors and diagnosis options are
  • what their specialities are
  • what are the medical questions they can best answer
  • how they want their practice to be displayed on Google Maps for patients nearby.

An interesting example is the website of the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Heart Center...

Supporting Six-Figure Web Projects

Large web projects in particular are extremely demanding. 

Some agencies like to sell what they have been working on for years and naturally recommend this as the best solution. At the same time, the industry itself refuses to give quotes and implementation horizons - understandable given the complexity of today's technology, but impossible for a manager with limited resources. For clients, on the other hand, it is often a huge challenge to give clear instructions and information to the agency. 

Having experience myself as a programmer and content editor and managing a large programming project in the six-figure range, I am clear about the stumbling blocks, skills and steps they need and can interface.

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