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Do you Move People with Films? As a Director, Dedicated Distributor or as an Organisation with a Social Cause?

I am happy to put my 15 years of know-how  and experience at your disposal:

  • Visioning of around 500 environmental documentaries
  • Scouting, film rights acquisition (including the Oscar-nominated film Honeyland)
  • Long-term exchange and consultation with filmmakers (format, dramaturgy, editing, content orientation, aesthetics, marketing)
  • Collaboration with sponsors and communication partners
  • Staging film events with impact

Just call: 077 420 63 69

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Portrait Kai Pulfer

Kai Pulfer - 20 years experience with web technology, 14 years setting up and running the international environmental organisation Films for the Earth - at your service.

ImpactFactory Kai Pulfer
Freiestrasse 69
8406 Winterthur, Switzerland
Phone: 0041 77 420 63 69
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