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Life on earth today is dramatically threatened by our overuse of resources and ecosystems. That is why a central aspect of ImpactFactory's work is to support or even initiate non-profit projects in the field of sustainability, nature and education. Here is a list that is set to grow:

Help for Refugees from Ukraine

Guided hypnosis for war victims
A hypnotherapist friend of mine, Fabia Zermin (Holistic Living), who approached me with questions about her website on Squarespace, I offered to build her a quick professional website that would not have the SEO problems that Squarespace brings. In return, she was to commit to donating the time, about 50 hours, that I have to refugees who use it to get help with trauma (PTSD), sleep disorders, and more. Fabia Zermin has implemented this "lever" in an extremely innovative way and immediately had audio recordings of hypnosis instructions made in Ukrainian and Russian, which are now made available to all interested parties free of charge on various sites. The action will be publicized through various communication partners, including Campax. We hope to be able to support thousands.  ImpactFactory was implementing and consulting: CI/CD, content, programming, SEO strategy, communication consulting, license consulting.

To the downloads: german | ukrainian | russian.

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Elephant Conservation Project "OurLand Thailand"

The last wild elephants in Mueang Kanchanaburi District are cut off from the nearby river by roads, agriculture and resorts. OurLand Thailand creatively keeps a narrow forest corridor free, through which elephant families find their way to the river night after night. I support the extremely committed founder and main person in charge, Vijo Varghese, and his closest team as a buddy in terms of organisational development, and I try to let one or two donations from Switzerland flow into this important project. I was also able to support the international team with the crash courses "Fundraising", "Leadership" and "SEO".

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We humans could also be the eternal gardeners of the earth, promoting life and making it blossom even more.

Logo Seeds

Or: What can each and every one of us do so that living beings appear where they no longer were, nature reclaims spaces and species in need are supported? 

And what interests me in particular: what kind of consciousness - i.e. ways of seeing, ways of thinking, ways of perceiving, orientation - opens up such possibilities? Seeds is meant to find these and make them accessible to everyone in the most modern way - to learn, grow and blossom.

This project is in the development phase.

Cooperation and support are possible: 077 420 63 69. 

I will send out the very first information sporadically via newsletter.

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