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An extremely exciting collaboration with the practice "Diagnostic and Therapeutic Heart Centre" and the cardiologist Dr. Olaf Franzen in Zurich. Strategy and implementation of content and CI/CD together with the managing director Wanda Pulfer.  At the same time, a knowledge management tool (DokuWiki), an internal file server (Synology NAS), a security architecture (firewall, endpoint protection, backup routines) and an internal network were set up.

Challenge Make existing website more successful

1) Increase Google indexation through shorter loading time, maximum SEO, highly readable content relevant to visitors
2) multilingualism and internationalisation.
3) Development of target groups and their customer journey / prioritisation and creation of appropriate content
4) Landing pages for all relevant search terms in the topic area.

Results Load time to readability of content (FCP): 400ms / Traffic increase: still being measured

Krisenkompetenz helps out in human emergencies at school and companies as burn outs, suicides or abuse. They help others carry enormous burdens no one is happy having to carry.

As a result of the server changeover, the old CMS had to be replaced by a new one within two weeks, quick and dirty. In the course of this, a few features were added to make the work easier for the team and to serve the visitors:

  • Search function
  • Team plugin
  • Workshop plugin based on PDFs (as these are the desired modus operandi)
  • Workshop registration with database
  • Modern backend, where not everything has to be done in text editors

1) Replace existing CMS
2) Adaptation to European data protection regulation
3) Do it in two weeks, no work for team involved
4) Backend can be handled with minimal training and no extra skills

Measure 1) Change from RedaxoCMS to OctoberCMS
Results Load time to readability of content (FCP) improved to 1.4s / improvements in responsiveness and backend / traffic increase: 100%.

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