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You don't get as far alone as you do together - I'm happy to introduce partners here with whom I've implemented projects over the last few years.

Martin Reutimann, Videoproduction/Event Support
mkr productions GmbH

Martin Reutimann has been at my disposal for 15 years in the field of multimedia and film. Be it film and clip productions, complicated event and streaming installations or other multimedia projects. He not only masters the camera, but also all other conceivable digital equipment needed for it and also leads whole teams for larger projects, in Switzerland and internationally. One of my favourite joint projects was this One-Cut, produced within two weeks(!).

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Nathalie Gaggini

Nathalie Gaggini is an excellent service provider, meaning she really knows how to visualise for her clients what they envision - from business cards to CI to website design or even book. She also supports countless charitable projects with her work. Together we have already helped over a dozen clients achieve a professional presence.

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Portrait Kai Pulfer

Kai Pulfer - 20 years experience with web technology, 14 years setting up and running the international environmental organisation Films for the Earth - at your service.

ImpactFactory Kai Pulfer
Freiestrasse 69
8406 Winterthur, Switzerland
Phone: 0041 77 420 63 69
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