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Some People Wonder what the Advantages of Digitisation are

Passwords with 15 digits, double authentication via SMS... Updates, bugs... Addresses in Mailchimp, CRM, spreadsheets, social media and mobile phones.... Routines, guidelines, knowledge in Word documents, Drop-Box and Google Docs.... Adapters, cables and devices... and lastly, security against data loss, encryption attacks and device failure..... that's where humans can get emotional.

Inversely, the smart use of digital tools can take repetitive work away and create security: 

  • Your website can manage new members, customers, users, sponsors and newsletter subscribers all in the one database.
  • Knowledge (business processes, manuals, inventories, policies, etc.) can be stored in convenient KnowledgeBases (f.e. Wikis) including search functions, versioning, internal linking, categories, tags and access restrictions
  • For passwords, also in teams, there are password managers or even more advanced solutions
  • Data security (=years of your work!) you get with firewall, fire protection, internal awareness and a backup and contingency strategy
  • .

The rapid and often disruptive pace of technological development requires some of us to evaluate new tools and concepts every six months. While one makes new things possible or is super practical, others are too costly. Workplaces in some professions are now an interlocking whole of apps, databases, file sharing, security routines and syncing across devices - it's good to have some structure and routines here.

How about professionalising this aspect of your organisation and picking up the real benefits of digitisation?

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