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Method of Working

I find it most efficient when people trust each other. That's why I prefer a friendly partnership with clients instead of hard-hitting business. 

This saves you stress. You only need micromanagement if you don't have professional planning. I prefer to support clients in working out crystal-clear goals, requirements and milestones together.

Your Risk Minimised

I share the entrepreneurial risk by working with lump sums, preliminary clarifications and milestones. This way, you can make the best possible decisions about your time and financial resources. This is unusual, especially in the IT sector, but very convenient for you. Of course, I record my expenses transparently. Offers always include time horizons.

Open Source

Technologies or routines that have been developed for one client can be adapted for the next client. Especially with web technology, everyone benefits and websites become affordable. My web systems are anyway on shoulders of open source giants: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Laravel, Bootstrap, Twig, Atom, Mozilla, Responsivly App, WinterCMS, developer friends who are available to help... the list is very long. But the same goes for administrative knowledge, bylaws and governance guidelines, QM and much more.

Pay only for Productive Time

Even in digital technology, constant learning is necessary. A new framework or system can easily require 50-100 hours of training. I do not charge for training time. Therefore, I do not take on projects that deviate too much from my area of experience. It is better to look for someone who knows this technology in his sleep and already has many templates. That is then certainly more favourable for you.

Introductions and Complete Know-How Transfer

Inversely, it may also be advisable for you to learn a thing or two. For this purpose, I am also happy to give introductions, video manuals and lectures with the key points that are beneficial to understand. Wouldn't it be great to understand the Ferrari (or Tesla) that is your website? Generally, with any project, you get full documentation of everything so that your independence is maintained.

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Kai Pulfer - 20 years experience with web technology, 14 years setting up and running the international environmental organisation Films for the Earth - at your service.

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